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Artist and filmmaker Lynn Hershman Leeman discusses with Laura the making of her film The Ballad of JT LeRoy; and in this interview with KubaParis, she insists, “I think what Laura Albert did was brilliant.”

Laura writes about artist Claire DeLong Taylor and her husband Glad, whose name inspired the character Glading Grateful ETC… in SARAH.

Laura speaks with actor/photographer Brooke Smith at the San Francisco Public Library, in a conversation about Smith’s book Sunday Matinee, a photo documentation of the NYC hardcore scene of the 1980s.

For Interview magazine, Laura spoke with the celebrated artist Jade Kuriki Olivo, aka Puppies Puppies.


Robert Wilson’s VOOM Portraits premiere in New York with Laura.

And here’s a look at Wilson’s video portrait of JT.

JT LeRoy is a recurring figure in the art of Sonja Nilsson.

The Irish Times covers this collection by photographer Amy Hanrahan for the Copper House Gallery, which she named after The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things.

JT-inspired fan art from

Laura-inspired fan art from

“Cherry Lips & Golden Curls” from Paula in Brazil.



Artist Jasmin Lim uses photography, sculpture, and installations to examine the plasticity of perception.

You can read more about her work here

…and visit her website here.

“I worked with Laura and witnessed the spectrum of media reactions to JT LeRoy/Laura Albert, which was often oversimplified and reactionary. For this exhibition [‘Another Side,’ exploring the artist and the alter-ego, at The Re Institute in Millerton, N.Y.], I contributed a sculptural response to the socio-cultural phenomenon of responding to ambiguity with intolerance.”

“For Artists’ Television Access in San Francisco, I created ‘Untitled (Persona Case Study),’ a window installation in which texts and images directly connected to Laura and JT are juxtaposed with other social commentaries on the construction of identity and the nature of truth. I compare Laura’s artistic gesture to a variable in a complex and unresolved algorithm.”

In this four-part video, Jasmin and Laura discuss ‘Untitled (Persona Case Study)’ with moderator Chuck Mobley (director of SF Camerawork) at ATA:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

R.U. Sirius writes about Laura’s work and Jasmin’s installation here.

This article on Jasmin’s ‘Untitled (Persona Case Study)’ also has a nifty picture of her at work in the window.

Jasmin gives an interview to writer Matt Runkle about ‘Untitled (Persona Case Study).’

This thoughtful review considers Jasmin’s exhibition at the artist-run project space 2nd floor projects.

In this radio broadcast, Laura, Jasmin, and writer Grant Faulkner speak with Steven James, the Academy Award-winning director of Hoop Dreams and The Interrupters and with activist and Interrupters star Ameena Matthews.

People interested in obtaining Jasmin Lim’s artwork can contact her at


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