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Writer/poet Su Zi composed a thoughtful essay for GAS on the JT LeRoy books, which she regards as a trilogy: “The elegant elaboration of Dickens is visible throughout the trilogy, with a certain timeless resonance.”

Jake Rossen’s thoughtful words about Laura and JT LeRoy are a highlight of his Mental Floss article “11 Famous Authors Who Never Actually Existed.”

A lovely birthday greeting to Laura from the awesome Diane Pernet.

Renee Ruin has written a beautiful new piece about The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, and you can read it HERE!

David Sedaris was asked what he’s reading: “Anything by JT LeRoy.”

Nicole V. Gagné discusses The Importance Of Being JT LeRoy.

You can hear Nicole reading “The Importance Of Being JT LeRoy” HERE.

Nicole V. Gagné compares JT to Romain Gary’s alter-ego Émile Ajar.

Artist and filmmaker Lynn Hershman Leeson discusses her film The Ballad of JT LeRoy and insists, “I think what Laura Albert did was brilliant.”

Author William Gibson called it: JT LeRoy was “America’s first idoru.”

We agree with Margaret Cho: “JT LeRoy still fucking rules!”

They’re still talking about Laura’s visit to the Edinburgh Book Festival!

Canadian writer and actor Chris Craddock is looking forward to what Laura Albert has to say…

Szilvia Molnar at Literary Hub recalls first reading JT LeRoy: “These books were stitches that held me together.”

index A-Z, “the bible of indie culture,” celebrates JT as the lead in two of its 26 chapters.

Ossian, The Songs of Bilitis, postmodern gravity, and JT LeRoy – Ed Simon at Literary Hub investigates “11 Legendary Literary Hoaxes, from fake Irish poets to the genius of JT LeRoy.”

Writer/director Michael M. Bilandic (Hellaware) tells The L Magazine, “Laura Albert, the woman behind [JT LeRoy], is a total genius in my opinion.”

JT walks the runway, and the SF Chronicle is there!

Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons) is compared to JT by New York Magazine.

Gene Dante is glad to say that he’s not over JT LeRoy.

Grant Faulkner writes about Laura and JT as the voice of “ecstatic truth.”

Peter Getty stands up for Laura and JT.

Peter Getty asks us, “What’s in a name?”

R.U. Sirius writes about Laura, The Moth, Jasmin Lim’s ATA installation, JT LeRoy, and The Absolute Necessity Of Persona.

Author Timothy Wang posts about his meeting with Laura.

Laura helps launch Wells Tower’s new book with the managing editor and publisher of McSweeney’s.

Filmmaker Michael Arias explains how the JT LeRoy books inspired his 2013 translation of the Japanese graphic novel “Sunny.”

The New Yorker promotes Laura’s new fiction.

Avenue A skinhead-turned-notorious-author Laura Albert (aka JT LeRoy, aka “Literary Outlaw”).

Can we love someone who does not exist? Here’s Laura’s connection to Manti Te’o.

Jovy Skol offers his insights into “The JT LeRoy Experience.”

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