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Writings by Laura

Laura takes on misogynist film criticism in her thoughtful piece, “Too Ugly To Rape?”

Here is the original English-language version of “Progress Report,” Laura’s essay on the coronavirus pandemic, which first appeared in Slovenia’s Delo.

Laura explores identity, body image, gender and fashion in her provocative essay for VESTOJ, That’s Not Me.

Elena Ferrante, JT LeRoy, and the freedom of writers are examined in this piece by Laura for the Forward.

Laura tells it like it is in The New York Times: “I meet a lot of young people and they’re shocked that it was an issue to even have an avatar.”

Laura discusses making The Ballad of JT LeRoy with artist/filmmaker Lynn Hershman Leeson.

Laura recalls the lessons she learned from the late Lou Reed.

Shades of JT, Speedie, Astor, and Thor! Laura reviews Raising My Rainbow and Stuck in the Middle with You — two books that testify to the different ways family love can accept gender non-conformity.

The ’90s most ubiquitous mood music resounds once again when Laura reminisces about “Making Out With Portishead.”

Here’s a special extra for everyone who reads Japanese: Laura’s advice columns for Japan VICE! You can read one here and another here — arigato!

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